Saturday, January 26, 2019

Mustang Musicians at the 2019 IMEC #99Learns #DGSPride

Congratulations to the student musicians who participated in the 2019 IMEC as All-State Musicians in at the Civic Center in Peoria, Illinois.   Students worked with inspirational conductors and teachers for several days to prepare and present a concert of challenging repertoire. Even with limited rehearsal time,  each ensemble presented a stunning performance of challenging repertoire to a capacity crowd at Arena in the Civic Center for the All-State and Honors Concerts in Peoria.  Several District 99 students were featured during the concerts as soloists or in principal chairs in each of the ensembles.  

Special kudos also to the music go to the music faculty in District 99 for personifying the spirit of professional volunteerism that keeps ILMEA a vibrant organization - we are proud of each of you for your ongoing contributions.

All the District 99 students and staff extend a heartfelt "thank you" to the staff and volunteers and staff from ILMEA who contributed to creating this experience for our student musicians.   

Samantha Guagliardo (12) - Euphonium - Honors Band

Peter Burrows (11) - Tenor I - Honors Chorus
Diana Kwak (10) - Soprano II - Honors Chorus
Matt McKenney (12) - Bass II - Honors Chorus
Samantha Selakovich (12) - Alto II - Honors Chorus
Stefan Tambik (11) - Tenor II - All-State Chorus
Adrian Trujillo (12) - Bass II - All-State Chorus

Therese Malinowski (11) - Cello - Honors Orchestra