Monday, March 05, 2018

2018 IHSA Solo and Ensemble Results

Student musicians from South High School in Downers Grove participated in the 2018 Solo and Ensemble Contest sponsored by IHSA and hosted this year at Joliet Central Catholic High School

Students prepare solos and ensembles and play for an expert adjudicator, receiving both a score and a rating, and, formative feedback for improvement.  Additionally, students performing solos must play scales from memory, demonstrating technical mastery on their instruments outside of their prepared solo work.

In total, over 50 students participated in over 35 different events.   30 students performed as soloists, and  26 students formed 7 different ensembles during the course of the day.  Students from both the bands and the orchestras from South High School participated in this event.

"Regardless of rating or score, we are proud of every student for choosing to pursue musical growth through this process."  said Fine Arts Department Chairman Glenn Williams.  "The individual growth that occurs through studying and performing chamber music is substantial."

Two events during the course of the day earned a perfect score, 40/40, from the judge in their performance room:  Allie Brandt, clarinet;  Genevieve DuFresne, alto saxophone.

Here are the students that earned a Division I rating, described on the judges sheet as "a superior performance - outstanding in nearly every detail."

Carson Aldrich, trombone solo
Andre Beikircher, violin solo
Allie Brandt, clarinet solo - PERFECT SCORE
Allie Brandt, Danny King, Emma Ansah, Missy Tepe, clarinet ensemble
Jake Burrows, Kelly Jankowski , trumpet duet
Jake Burrows, Matt Burrows, Peter Burrows, Paul Kozak, Adam Rosignal, brass quintet
Matt Burrows, trombone solo
Matt Burrows, Carson Aldrich, trombone duet
George DuFresne, flute solo
Genevieve DuFresne, alto saxophone solo - PERFECT SCORE
Michaela Dukes, violin solo
Sam Guagliardo, euphonium solo
Megan Holley, violin solo
O'Shay Jackson, bassoon solo
Harry Kamitani, violin solo
Bella Kelly, violin solo
Danny King, clarinet solo
Kyle Kotula, trombone solo
Therese Malinowki, Bella Kelly, string duet
Mary Mulcahey, flute solo
Lauren Mule, violin solo
Lauren Mule, Megan Holley, violin duet
Maddy Pteanc, violin solo
Michaela Rakos, flute solo
Isaac Rutledge, flute solo
Millia Saei, violin solo
Emily Schwab, bassoon solo
Saahil Sorakayla, bassoon solo
Nathan Wiechec, trombone solo

Here are the students that earned a Division II rating, described on the judges sheet as "An excellent performance - minor defects."

Michael Beube, violin solo
Joe Daniele, trombone solo
Rachel Joseph, violin solo
Sana Nasib, viola solo
Hailey Rodden, oboe solo
Domani Sharkey, Ellen Place, Meghan Carroll, string trio
Katherine Wilkinson, violin solo