Monday, October 31, 2011

Muriel Anderson visits South High School

Internationally acclaimed musician and guitarist Muriel Anderson visited South High School today. Ms. Anderson performed for and delivered a master class to Guitar I students. Ms. Anderson will perform at the Johnson Auditorium at North High School on Saturday, November 26, 2011 at 8:00 PM. Featured artists on this 20th annual homecoming concert will be flamenco guitar duo Tierra Negra and bassist extraordinaire, Victor Wooten. Tickets for the November concert are $22 and can be purchased at the web site above or at Anderson's Bookshop in Downers Grove.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Marching Mustangs make South High School History

During the 2010 competitive marching season, the Marching Mustangs from South High School in Downers made history by qualifying for finals competition at the Invitational Marching Band Championships at Illinois State University. In 2010, the Marching Mustangs finished in 11th place in finals with a score of 69.90.

During the 2011 competitive marching season, the Marching Mustangs created unprecedented historical success, both at South High School and in the competitive marching bands.

"I've never heard of or seen this much competitive improvement in one year" said DG South Fine Arts Chairman Glenn Williams. "This improvement trajectory is simple awesome."

During preliminary competition at ISU, the Marching Mustangs finished second place in Class 6A, winning the caption for Best General Effect and earning a spot, for the second year in a row, in finals competition.

"This year, there were 45 competing marching ensembles in the event at ISU." said Department Chairman Glenn Williams. "Heading into the invitational at ISU, the competition among the top bands was fierce. With automatic bids, only 14 bands qualify for the evening finals performance."

Based on a random draw, the Marching Mustangs were chosen to perform last in the finals competition, stepping off at approximately 10:44 PM. This is the moment when South High School history was about to be made.

The judging panel scores were tabulated and the results were announced, first starting with 14th place and then moving to 5th place. "When our school wasn't called, my heart was pounding." said junior drum major Josiah Williams. Then, came the history making moment. The public address announcer read the results, boldly proclaiming the Marching Mustangs as 4th place with a score of 83.55. A historically unprecedented leap from 2010, both in terms of score and final placement.

The Marching Mustangs will continue to perform at home play-off football games, and, will appear in the nationally televised McDonald's Thanksgiving Day Parade in Chicago, IL. For more information about the Marching Mustangs, or about Fine Arts at South High School, contact department Chairman Glenn Williams at

Enjoy the video below of the Marching Mustangs historical 2011 Finals performance at the 2011 State of Illinois Invitational Marching Band Championships at Hancock Stadium at Illinois State University.

Friday, October 28, 2011

South HS Fine Arts and IHSA Play-off Football

Students in the Fine Arts at South High School played their parts in the opening round of the IHSA play-offs at DGS on Friday, October 28, 2011. The Madrigal Singers performed a stunning unaccompanied rendition of the National Anthem, and the Marching Mustangs revved the crowd from the stands and performing with poise and precision at halftime.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Illini Marching Band Championships

On Saturday, October 22, 2011, 47 high school marching bands competed in the Illini Marching Band Championships in Memorial Stadium on the campus of the University of Illinois in Champaign/Urbana, Illinois. Bands from Antioch to Rock Island, from Watseka to Effingham performed and competed throughout the course of the day.

Of the 6 bands in Class 6A, your Marching Mustangs finished in first place, earning caption awards for Outstanding Music, Outstanding Visual and Outstanding Auxiliary. Of the 47 bands during the course of the competition day, the Marching Mustangs finished 4th place overall. Additionally, the Marching Mustangs earned a score of 90.05, the highest competitive score in recent memory for the Marching Mustangs.

Enjoy the video below from the performance in Memorial Stadium.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Gaudete Brass residency continues......

The Gaudete Brass continued their residency in Downers Grove today, rehearsing at Eisenhower Junior High School and at South High School. The Gaudete Brass is performing with Lakeview Band, the Eisenhower Band and the DGS Wind Ensemble on November 15, 2011 at 7:00 PM in the Auditorium at South High School. Tubsit and quintet member Scott Tegge teaches tuba and euphonium at South and North High Schools. From the sounds coming from area rehearsal rooms, this is a performance you won't want to miss!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

South High School Fall Choir Concert 2011

The South High School Choirs, over 280 strong in 8 different choral ensembles, presented an amazingly captivating concert this evening. Repertoire ranged from gospel to madrigal, from broadway to contemporary, from folk song to art song. Every single ensemble was sonically stunning this evening. The audience was treated to multiple "goose-bump" moments throughout the course of the evening. Great job tonight Mustang singers - you did us all proud tonight!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

South High School 2011 IMEA District Results

On Tuesday, October 11, 2011, 96 student musicians auditioned at Carl Sandburg High School to participate in the 2011 Illinois Music Educators' Association District 1 Music Festival. The music faculty, private teachers and sender school music programs associated with South High School in Downers Grove are proud to congratulate the 55 student musicians who earned a spot in band, choir, orchestra, jazz band and vocal jazz.

"IMEA District 1 is one of the most competitive districts in Illinois." said South High Fine Arts Chairman Glenn Williams. " Since 2005, South High School has annually averaged 54 students auditioning into IMEA District 1 ensembles. We are proud of the success of our student musicians over this period of time."

The IMEA District 1 Band, Choir and Orchestra Festival will be hosted by South High School on Saturday, November 19, 2011. The concert is at 4:00 PM in the Main Gymnasium. Admission is $5 for this event, which will be attended by more than 1,000 audience members.

For more information about IMEA District Festivals, please contact Fine Arts Department Chairman Glenn Williams at or at 630.795.8681


Patrick Bartlett (12) - tuba/orchestra
Carly Charles (12) - horn/orchestra
Samantha Kotlicky (12) - trumpet/orchestra
William Moroney (12) - clarinet/band
Zach Plata (12) - clarinet/band
Dan Reeter (11) - clarinet/band
Michelle Spiewak (12) - horn/orchestra
Josiah Williams (11) - trombone/orchestra

Aaron Collins (12) - violin
Sean Hux (11) - cello
Kathryn Krajeewski - (10) - viola
Megan McGivern - (10) - viola
Andrew Molina - (10) - cello
Lisa Salazar - (12) - viola

Olivia Abrant - (12) - alto II
Mara Alvarez - (10) - alto I
Alex Bahaveolos - (12) - tenor I
Caitlin Carlson - (10) - alto I
Caitlin Carr - (10) - soprano I
William Chengary - (12) - bass I
Mariah Copeland - (10) - alto I
Kyle Crawford - (12) - bass II
Ken Deem - (12) - tenor II
Colleen DeRosa - (12) - alto II
Lars Feste - (12) - bass I
Rosaley Gai - (12) - alto II
Caitlin Grudzinski - (12) - soprano I
Claire Kent - (11) - alto II
Maddie Kuerschner - (11) - alto II
Taylor Lane - (12) - soprano I
Dan Leahy - (11) - tenor I
Ashley Maghirang - (11) - alto II
Ruth Reeve - (11) - alto I
Savannah Riemer - (11) - soprano I
Taylor Roberts - (11) - alto II
Megan Schreck - (12) - soprano I
Cody Strolia - (11) - bass I
Erin C. Walsh - (12) - alto I
Erin M. Walsh - (12) - alto I
Elly Walsh-Rock - (11) - alto I

Carmine Calabria - (12) - drum set
Carly Charles - (12) - trumpet
Sean Hux - (11) - tenor saxophone
Samantha Kotlicky - (12) - trumpet
William Moroney - (12) - tenor saxophone
Zach Plata - (12) - alto saxophone
Michael Ruth - (12) - alto saxophone
John Shimanek - (10) - trumpet
Christian Siki - (11) - alto saxophone
Danny Tedeschi - (11) - trombone
Josiah Williams - (11) - trombone
Ian Williams - (11) - piano
Michal Witek - (11) - guitar
Julia Wood - (11) - bass

Erin M. Walsh - (12) - alto

DGS Choirs Fall Concert - 10-20-11

Members of the A Capella Choir are shown here rehearsing for the upcoming DGS Choirs Spring Concert on Thursday, October 20, 2011 at 7:00 PM in the Auditorium at South High School. In addition to the A Cappella Choir, seven other outstanding choral ensembles will be featured. The evening will culminate with a combined Alma Mater. This concert is free and the public is cordially invited to attend.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

District 99 Orchestra Fall Concert

On the heels of an amazing performance with the internationally acclaimed fiddling troupe Barrage, the District 99 Orchestra presented a concert this evening featuring a wide range of repertoire that was performed with professional precision.

Featured above, the concert concluded with a combined rendition of a medley from Pirates of the Carribean featuring the D99 Symphony Orchestra and the Herrick Middle School Orchestra. A highlight of the evening was guest soloist Jennifer Leckie performed Saraste's challenging Zigeunerweisen to a rave audience ovation.

The D99 Concert Orchestra and Symphony Orchestra performed stunning repertoire, ranging from Bach's Little Fugue in g minor to Vaughan Williams' Concerto Grosso for String Orchestra.

Special thanks to Lisa Rose and the Herrick Middle School Orchestra for opening and closing the performance. Great to see and hear these future D99 Orchestra members on the stage at North High this evening!

Monday, October 17, 2011

District 99 Orchestra Concert - 10-18-11

Members of the District 99 Orchestra are busy preparing for their fall concert on Tuesday, October 18, 2011 at 7:00 PM in Johnson Auditorium at North High School in Downers Grove.

Come out and support the D99 Concert Orchestra, Symphonic Orchestra and the Herrick Middle School Orchestra.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Marching Mustangs - Homecoming 2011

Enjoy your Marching Mustangs final regular season performance at DGS. Thanks again to Mr. Maquire for the video.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Marching Mustangs on Parade

The 2011 Homecoming Parade culminated with the Marching Mustangs. The crisp fall weather accentuated the sights and sounds of this stunning ensemble.

Great job Lakeview Marching Band!!!

Congratulations to the Lakeview Junior High School Marching band for their fabulous performance in the South High School in Downers Grove 2011 Homecoming Parade. Raiders of the Lost Ark never sounded so great!

Homecoming Friday at South High School

Congratulations to the members of the Marching Mustangs for their role this morning in setting a spirited tone for Homecoming Friday 2011. After playing the Fight Song through the hallways, the band entered the courtyard and played through their show music and the DG South Alma Mater. A large gathering of faculty joined the band in the courtyard for the annual "Bagels with the Band" event. One performance down, 2 more to go today!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

2011 Homecoming Variety Show - One more Night!

DGS Fine Arts was well represented in the 2011 Homecoming Variety Show. The award winning Jazz Ensemble opened the show with Straighten Up and Fly Right, featuring the amazing vocal jazz stylings of senior Colleen DeRosa. DeRosa was also a member of the world class team of emcees.

Of special note, The Walkout performed a never before heard or seen rendition of the DGS Alma Mater. Alumni in attendance at the event commented they had never experienced anything quite like the emotion they felt when The Walkouts performed the South High Alma Mater.

The show runs for one more evening, Thursday, October 14, 2011 at 7 PM in the South High School Auditorium. Tickets are available at the door.

Monday, October 10, 2011

2011 Prospect Knight of Champions Video & Results

Congratulations to the Marching Mustangs for their performance at the 2011 Prospect Knight of Champions. The Marching Mustangs were class 2A Champions, also winning the caption award for Best General Effect. At the end of the evening, the Marching Mustangs were 3 overall out of the 24 competing marching ensembles. Way to go Marching Mustangs!!

Enjoy the video from the performance of your Marching Mustangs at the 2011 Prospect Knight of Champions.

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Halftime video - 10-07-11

Enjoy the video of the halftime performance from Friday, October 7, 2011. Thanks to Quentin Maguire for the fabulous video work.

Friday, October 07, 2011

Home Football 10-07-11

The Marching Mustangs were impressive tonight, both on the performance field and in the stands. The band maintained an intensity and precision throughout the course of the evening that had the stands buzzing. Decked in pink gloves to support breast cancer awareness, this ensemble continued to display why they are such an integral part of the community at South High School and in Downers Grove.

D99 Orchestra with Barrage

Enjoy this video of the D99 Orchestra performing with Barrage!

Thursday, October 06, 2011

District 99 Strings with BARRAGE

Performing before a capacity crowd at Clarence Johnson Auditorium at North High School in Downers Grove, the District 99 Orchestra played Chopsticken with the internationally acclaimed ensemble Barrage. Members of Barrage commented multiple times during the course of the evening about the high caliber of the string program in District 99 and about how well the student musicians were prepared for the performance. The student musicians not only played their instruments at a high level, they also performed the music in a professional manner. Great work tonight orchestra - we're proud of all of you for this outstanding performance tonight!