Tuesday, May 31, 2011

2011 Madrigals Graduation Concert

The 61st public performance by a DGS music ensemble this school year was the 2011 South High School Madrigal Singers graduation concert tonight, a concert which in part gave a personal tribute to the departing seniors in the ensemble. The balance, blend, and intonation of this remarkable ensemble are breathtaking. A wide range of challenging, collegiate level repertoire was performed with captivating musicianship.

I personally believe that a litmus test of the success of a high school music program lies in the ability of an individual student musician to cast and execute a vision for musical excellence without interference from an adult educator. One reason that I adore this concert each year is that the departing seniors are afforded the opportunity to do just that - the musicians select, rehearse, and perform literature of their own accord without any teacher intervention. This performance, perhaps above all others, is truly a student-centered event. The ensemble was fabulous, but, the departing seniors each displayed that they are ready to depart DGS and pursue music lifelong on their own. Well done Class of 2011 Madrigal Singers - we will miss you all dearly!

2011 Madrigals Graduation Concert - John The Revelator

The 2011 DGS Madrigals perform the ending of "John The Revelator" as arranged by Sean Ivory.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wind Ensemble - Spring Concert

The Wind Ensemble performed a collegiate level program with gorgeous characteristic tone and exceedingly mature musicianship. Senior soloists picture above also presented the audience with numerous sonic treats: Lexi Osborn, Shannon Patula, Amanda Ruzek, Tiffany Wu, Callie Sorce, Elliot Bild and Suzanne Segredo demonstrate mastery of their instruments and extreme musicianship. Special shout out to the departing DG South Band seniors - we'll miss you dearly around the music suite! Great work tonight Wind Ensemble - we are proud of you all!

A Cappella Choir - Spring Concert

A fabulous spring concert was presented by the A Capella Choir tonight. The balance, blend, and musicianship were impressive. The breadth and depth of the literature performed engaged the audience completely. Well done A Cappella Choir, and special shout out to the Class of 2011 vocal musicians - we will miss you all in the music suite!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

D99 Orchestra - "May the ORCH be with You!"

The only thing better than the sights during the D99 orchestra concert were the sounds created by the student musicians in the orchestra. Special shout out to seniors Melissa Vos, violin and Nikki Mihelich, cello, for performing senior solos with surpassing musicianship. The film music during the performance captivated the audience throughout the evening. The Star Wars score was presented with professional execution by the student performers. Capping the evening with more than 20 alums performing under the baton of John Svoboda brought the crowd to their feet with an immediate and sincere standing ovation. Great job tonight to Ms. Mullen and the students from South and North in the D99 Orchestra!

Sights from Jazz at Fishel Park (hosted by DGN)

DGS Jazz Ensemble class of 2011 receives their well deserved praise: Elliot Bild - trumpet; Tim Neumann - trombone; Will O'Dell - baritone saxophone; Callie Sorce - tenor saxophone; Trevor Yde - drums; Peter Zlotnicki - trumpet.

DGS Jazz Ensemble performs, opening with Duke Ellington's Rockin' in Rhythm.

Senior Elliot Bild leads Jazz Workshop in Shiny Stockings. Elliot is headed to Western Michigan University to major in Music Education.

Senior Callie Sorce leads Jazz Workshop in Mr. P.C. Callie is headed to the University of Illinois to major in Music Education.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

D99 Orchestra Concert - Wednesday, May 25, 2011 @ 7:00 PM

The District 99 Orchestra will present their Spring Concert on Wednesday, May 25, 2011 at 7:00 PM in the Auditorium at South High School in Downers Grove. In addition to featuring senior soloists Melissa Vos and Nikki Mihelich, the ensembles will perform music from the cinema. The evening will conclude with a "studio orchestra" setting of music from Star Wars coordinated with a video presentation. For a myriad of reasons, this is a performance you'll want to attend - check it out!

Monday, May 23, 2011

DGS Choirs 2011 Banquet

Congratulations to the students, staff, private teachers and parents associated with the DG South Choral program for a fabulous 2010-2011 school year. Partial highlights to celebrate include 24 students selected for IMEA Districts and the Madrigal Singers stunning performance at the IMEA All-State Conference in Peoria in January. In addition to the performance successes of the year, student speakers highlighted the family atmosphere and the connections forged between and among students in the choral program. Well done DGS choirs!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Choir Show 2011 - HELLO - GOODBYE!

The 2011 Choir Show, HELLO/GOODBYE opened this evening to a packed house and rave ovations. The more than 250 singers from the DGS choral program are presenting a revue of classic rock tunes from the 50's, 60's and the Beatle's. Great choreography, great vocal sounds, great music - all these combine for a great show! One more performance on Friday night at 7:00 PM - don't miss this one!

2011 Spring Art Show

The 2011 Spring Art show opened this evening, featuring the 2D and 3D award winning work of more than 600 Mustang artists. A highlight of the annual spring show is the Senior Show in the black box. This enclosed space features the work of all seniors in a professionall gallery-like exhibition. The show runs Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday from 8AM-4PM. Admission is free, and the public is cordially invited to attend this visually stunning display of student art work.