Sunday, September 27, 2015

Marching Mustangs Around the Country

One of the fabulous aspects of participating in a marching ensemble in high school are the opportunities that those experiences can provide when a student matriculates to a college or university.   The musical and relational opportunities created for student musicians who choose to participate in a marching ensemble in college are boundless.  Home games, away game trips, bowl games, and friendships that will last a lifetime work together to create a positive depth and breadth to the college experience for these students that is singularly unique.  

DGS Fine Arts and the Marching Mustangs salute some of the DGS alums who are having an impact on the musical gridiron on Saturday afternoons around the country:
Erin Quinn, piccolo, Iowa State University Cyclone Marching Band
Samantha Cho, clarinet, University of Southern California "Spirit of Troy" Marching Band
Danny Tedeschi, trombone
Sam Tedeschi, sousaphone
Illinois State University "Big Red Marching Machine"
Emily Foernssler, clarinet, University of Notre Dame Band of the Fighting Irish
Brooke Nuccio, piccolo, Western Michigan University Bronco Marching Band
Dan Reeter, tenor saxophone
Nicole Nowak, clarinet
Sam Kotlicky, trumpet
Kyla Swain, mellophone
Bella Cherry, guard
Liz Kazmierzak, Illiniette
University of Illinois Marching Illini