Saturday, February 28, 2015

Memorable Day in New York City

In a typical blog post, I'll use more pictures than words, letting the images tell the story of an event.  For this post, I'll use more words than pictures to try and lend a description that provides clarity to the events of the day.

Before I describe the day, I need to describe the students musicians with whom we have the privilege of traveling.  We are moving with a group of 350 students and 7 coaches and have left every departure point in a timely manner.  Tour guides, bus drivers and restaurant staff continue to tell us how impressed they are with the behavior of the students.  Our guide at Radio City Music Hall told us we were her favorite group of the day, maybe of the month.  The students are respectful and engaged while still having a great time.  We are so proud and fortunate to travel with these students.

Now, a bit about the experiences today.

Today was about an experiential spectrum with significant width.  We started our morning at the 9-11 Museum.  The depth of the human condition as exposed in this horrific tragedy was significant.  We ended our evening hearing the New York Philharmonic performing Brahm's Second Symphony, which ends in a D major triad played by the trombones that exposes the depth of jubilation in the human condition.  We were at the Top of The Rock, we were at the level of the street  We experienced some chilly temperatures outside, we experienced some warm tours and meals.  The depth and breadth of the spectrum of experiences today, even for this seasoned traveler, was significant.

Tomorrow, we will tour by bus and boat and experience a Broadway show followed by a group dinner on Times Square.  The trajectory of the tour continues to point us towards Monday evening, where we will practice and perform in Carnegie Hall, but for now, we are expanding our boundaries by experiencing some of the most amazing things this remarkable city has to offer.

Friday, February 27, 2015

A Great Day at Ithaca College

District 99 students experienced an amazing day of hospitality and musical growth at Ithaca College today.  After arriving to a delicious Panera breakfast and a freshen up stop at the world class IC Athletic Complex, students transitioned to the music building and experienced a 70 minute clinic with Ithaca College faculty including  Dr. Steve Peterson, Dr. Elizabeth Peterson and Dr. Mark Fonder;  students took a 45 minute campus tour of Ithaca College, gaining experience and insight into the college experience;  students observed a convocation recital featuring a student saxophone quartet, the IC Faculty Brass Quintet, and the IC Trombone Choir.  Finally, students enjoyed lunch in the IC cafeteria, enjoying some of the finest collegiate cuisine available.

Special thanks and shout-out to our hosts and organizers Steve and Beth Peterson, the IC tour guides, the IC music ed students, and the rest of the campus for extending the warmest hospitality imaginable.  Even on a cold day we all felt warm and welcome!

Now that we are back on the road, we will have a stop at a mall food court for dinner and then proceed to our  hotel in New Jersey, where we will all get a great night of rest to prepare for the coming three days in the city that never sleeps.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Carnegie Quest

Our tour is Front Page news this morning!

Check out the online version of the article here.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

2015 Winter Choir Concert

Congratulations to the student musicians in the Choirs at South High School for presenting a fabulous Winter Choir Concert tonight.  Repertoire ranged from Bach to Berlin, Brahms to Ticheli.  A highlight of the evening was the world premiere of Psalm for the Wise by student Kiehl Carlquist.

Not able to join us tonight?  Want to relive the entire performance?  Watch the rebroadcast of the concert by clicking here.