Monday, August 31, 2009

D99 Honors Jazz Band on Cable 6

Interested in hearing our fabulous D99 Honors Jazz Band on Cable 6? Viewing information for Wednesday and beyond is below:

The 2008 District 99 Germany Tour Jazz Band will appear on DG Cable 6 this coming Wednesday. For further viewing opportunities, please see the information below.

Wed. Sept. 2: 9am

This video and all programming can be seen on Comcast Channel 6 or over the web. Go to click on “multimedia” then click on “DGTVwebcast” to see our station 24/7

Germany/Spain 2010 Blog in Progress.........

Ms. Mullen has begun a Germany/Spain 2010 blog for potential participants to follow and to begin to dream about the possibilities. The link is provided below:

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

40 hours in August and look what we've done........

The 2009 Marching Mustangs are hard at work in the month of August, having already accrued more than 40 hours of rehearsal time in AUGUST ALONE at the time of this post. The quantity and quality of rehearsals are paying huge dividends, as the band has already learned 2/3 of the music and drill for the 2009 Field Production.
Everyone is invited to Lakeview Middle School on Friday, August 21, 2009 at 5:00 PM for a hot dog picnic sposored by the Mustang Band Boosters. The evening will conclude with a short performance by your 2009 Marching Mustangs. For more information about bands at DGS, contact department chairperson Glenn Williams at 630.795.8681.

How do you get to Carnegie Hall?

In June of 2009, DGS graduated seniors Andrea Piekarczyk, Suse LaGory and Shaina Kassanof traveled to New York, New York to have their visual art work celebrated on a national level at the Scholastics National Art and Writing Awards. Accompanied by staff members Debbie Dipert and Michelle Lynn, these three student artists had their work on exhibit at world famous Carnegie Hall. "We are so proud of the success of these visual artists." said department chairperson Glenn Williams. "Their work has been consistently worthy of national recogniton, and to see that come to fruition is a fabulous conclusion to their time here in District 99."
For more information about the arts at DGS, contact Glenn Williams at 630.795.8681.