Friday, September 26, 2008

Pinch Pots, Coil Vases

A facet of the Ceramics studio that is captivating is the constant sense of motion. The overlap between projects is seamless and constant until the end of the semester.

Student artists begin the year with pinch pots - the finished examples are fully glazed and ready for assessment. The next project is a vase constructed completely of coils. Students determine design and then mold the clay coils into a seamless vase that matches the pre-convceived design.
Kudos to our all of our Ceramics team, Ms. Myles, Ms. O'Brien-Prusa, Mrs. Hansen and Mrs. Johnson for doing such fabulous work with our student artists.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sam Hazo Quotes

Mr. Roselieb has compiled a list of Sam Hazo quotes - enjoy!


“What is it about? When you know something about the music, it warms up the paper.”

Diamond Prelude – This music is about the birth of a child, including a multiple heartbeat in the womb, a triumphant entrance into the world, then a lullaby, and then in arc form it reverses back through the fanfare to the heartbeat.

Psalm 42 – This music is about the song that was sung at the funeral of a 5 year-old boy who had three older brothers that played trumpet in Mr. Hazo’s band.

Relating Life to Music

How much effort does it take to “sneak around your house?

When the dynamics go down, the effort goes up.”

I love you rule – never say I love you to someone the same way twice - never play the same musical figure the same way twice

Resistance rule – when you push someone, they push back. The director moves the baton, you push back with dynamics

Call – response – you respond to someone in the same way they call you, be it yelling or whispering – the same in music


“Get a good breath, not a catch breath. Get fat with me!”

Evanescence – when the sound needs to “evaporate” from a mist to nothing (niente), use the syllable tuv to slowly end the air/tone stream

Put your music stand up high enough to see the music and the baton at the same time

When playing soft notes, go for the note first then the dynamic to assure good response

Balance in Music

“Black notes are more important than white notes

Always play the moving parts on the high side of the dynamic marking.

The moving notes make the tune recognizable.”

Mr. Hazo with Concert Band

Mr. Hazo worked with our Concert Band on his arrangement of Psalm 42. It is a short and simple setting of the folk tune The Water is Wide. Mr. Hazo was able to share the story behind the arrangement, and extremely moving and emotional story.

After "warming the page" and working on fundamentals of breathing and posture, everyone in the room agreed the ensemble improved during the class period.

Mr. Hazo with the Marching Mustangs

The 2008 competition show for the Marching Mustangs is titled SEVEN BLOSSOM RUSH. During 5A today, our Marching Mustangs had a "Q & A" session with Mr. Hazo about his life as a composer and the processes involved in creating the music the students are performing.

Mr. Hazo with the DGS Wind Ensemble

Usually in life, there are great teachers, great performers and great composers. It is unique and special to find a strong combination of all three aspects in one person.

Sam Hazo is that person. Mr. Hazo is a great performer, composer and teacher. Our student musicians are growing in immense ways today.

Compositional Insight

To prepare for Mr. Hazo's visit, each ensemble is studied and prepared an original composition by Mr. Hazo. In addition to the Marching Mustangs performing Sevens, Their Blossoms Down and Rush on the field this fall, here is the Hazo repertoire the other ensembles are preparing:

Concert Band - Psalm 42

Symphonic Band - Ascend

Wind Symphony - Diamond Fanfare

Wind Ensemble - Exultate

It is an amazing process to experience the creator of a musical composition convey personal meaning to student musicians.

Sam Hazo Day

The DGS Mustang Bands are pleased and proud to welcome renowned composer Sam Hazo to work with our student musicians today. Our marching band show this season, 7 Blossom Rush features Mr. Hazo's music.

This day is possible due to a partnership project with the Mustang Band Boosters and DGS Fine Arts. For more information about Mr. Hazo, please visit:

Mr. Hazo worked with Wind Symphony first period, and spent some time visiting with Mr. Hornish, Mr. Roselieb, and Mr. Williams during second period.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday Night Lights

Homecoming Friday concluded with a Mustang Football win over Willowbrook, 40-6. The Marching Mustangs unveiled their closer, titled Rush, to the home football crowd for the first time tonight.

Well done Marching Mustangs - your first performance was 15 hours ago. You all provided spirited music and served your school and community in amazing ways today.

Marching Mustangs ROCK the Homecoming Parade

And, saving the best for last, your 2008 MARCHING MUSTANGS concluded the Homecoming Parade performing The Horse and The DGS Fight Song.

Now, the day is about half over for the Marching Mustangs. Soon to follow is a field/drill rehearsal, followed by a performance at the Homecoming game tonight vs. Willowbrook.

Homecoming Assembly

Fine Arts students provided spirited music for the Pep Assembly. The Madrigal Singers performed Jailhouse Rock and the Jazz Ensemble performed numerous selections, including their now famous Earth, Wind and Fire medley.

Lakeview Junior High in Homecoming Parade

Special thanks and kudos to the LAKEVIEW JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL Marching Band for their annual participation in the Homecoming Parade. The Lakeview students looked and sounded fabulous performing their rendition of INDIANA JONES.

We are excited to share the parade route with these future Marching Mustangs!!!