Monday, November 27, 2006


Grammy award winning saxophonist Jeff Coffin worked with students in the South High School Jazz Ensembles on Friday, November 16, 2006 from 3:30-5:00 PM in the band room at North High School. In addition to playing for the students and answering questions regarding life as a professional musician, Mr. Coffin worked with the South High School Jazz Combo. Mr. Coffin is shown in this photo working with junior trombonist Ben Sorce and sophomore bassist Zach Munoz. Mr. Coffin's latest CD, BLOOM, was available for purchase and autographs from the students. Special thanks to Mr. Teague and DG North High School for hosting this clinic and inviting the jazz students from South High School to have this amazing experience!!!


Internationally acclaimed guitarist/composer Muriel Anderson visited South High School on Monday, November 20, 2006. Ms. Anderson provided a clinic for students in Guitar I and MIDI Music during 8th period in the Orchestra Room. Besides being enamored with Ms. Anderson's musical and technical proficiency, students were amazed at her ability to play any style of music with relative ease. A Downers Grove native and North High School alum, this is Ms. Anderson's first visit to South High for a clinic. Special thanks to Mrs. Belt-Roselieb, Mr. Kowallis, and Mrs. Branch for making this clinic happen for the student musicians enrolled in Guitar and MIDI classes this semester.


Junior trumpeter Nate Van Asselt provided a wonderful community service by playing Taps and Reville during a Veteran's Day service on Friday, November 10, 2006 at the Commonwealth Edision VFW post in Oak Brook, Illinois. As the photograph shows, Nate braved freezing temperatures and a bit of wind during the ceremony. Regardless of the conditions, Nate still sounded wonderful. Special thanks and congratulations to Nate for providing this essential patriotic community service.

Thursday, November 09, 2006


The community of Woodridge celebrated inherent diversity at a special program on Wednesday, November 8, 2006 at the Woodridge Community Center. Featured during the evening were keynote speakers, the Jefferson School Choir and the Latin Dancers from Downers South High School.

In addition to the speakers and performers, Woodridge sponsored a Visual Arts Exhibition and Contest. Several District 99 students contributed to this inaugural event, submitting both 2D and 3D works.

Ceramics I classes, taught by Kathy Myles, created a diversity Mosiac out of ceramic tiles that were student self-portraits. These tiles were then combined to create a large piece, representing the individuality and diversity of every student contributor. “We hope to make this piece part of a public works project here at South High School” said Fine Arts Chairperson Glenn Williams. “We are very pleased with the process and product involved with this very special piece”.

Additionally, self-portrait drawings were submitted by students from the Drawing I classes of Marcia Hansen. After a “People’s Choice” popular vote, three DGS artists were awarded prizes, which included gift certificates to Woodridge restaurants and to Hollywood Blvd. Award winners in the high school portion of the art contest are:

First Prize – Karen Joy Dizon
Second Prize – Ashley Mosby
Third Prize – Jackie Rowley

“We are proud of all of our students and staff for choosing to participate in this event” said Fine Arts Department Chair Glenn Williams. For more information about Fine Arts at South High School, contract Glenn Williams at 795.8681 or visit us at

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


South High School Fine Arts is please to publicly announce our vision and mission for working with students in the arts:

Igniting a passion for the arts in every learner.

In partnership with our community, we will ignite a passion for lifelong participation in the arts in every learner. This is achieved by forging individual pathways to success for each learner within a caring, collaborative, communicative learning community.


The Fine Arts Department at South High School will featured the sonic and visual work of more than 1,500 student artists during the Winter Art Show and Holiday Concert. The Winter Art Show opens on December 14 and runs through December 17, 2006 and is held in the Events Foyer at South High School. The Holiday Concert is Thursday, December 14, 2006 at 7:00 PM in the Gymnasium.

The Winter Arts show will feature two and three dimensional works from the nearly 1,000 students enrolled in curricular art classes at South High School. Works in two dimensional and three dimensional forms will be exhibited, featuring award winning Ceramics, Jewelry, Photography, Mixed Media and Drawing and Painting. Also included will be computer generated works from students enrolled in Basic Design.

The Holiday Concert will feature more than 500 student musicians enrolled in the District 99 Orchestra and the bands and choirs at Downers South High School. Highlights this year include the traditional Hallelujah Chorus by Handel, and, a contemporary version of the Hallelujah Chorus from the Soulful Messiah. Addtionally, Chicago professional musician Sam Stryke will be featured on this concert. Mr. Stryke is a versatile artist, having composed music for Anheiser-Busch, Capital One, McDonald’s and Nintendo. Recently, Sam has been a contributing composer for music on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Selections from Sam’s third CD release, “Christmas”, will be featured on the concert and CD’s will be available for purchase after the event. Sam will work with students at South High School, and give clinics on how his role as a professional composer has emerged.

Please contact Glenn Williams, Downers South High School Fine Arts Department Chairperson at 795.8681 with any questions about either of these events.


The music faculty and private teaching staff at Downers Grove South High School are proud to congratulate the 51 students in band, choir and orchestra who have been selected through competitive audition to participate in the 2006 IMEA District Festivals. Auditions were held at Carl Sandburg High School on Tuesday, October 10. Selected musicians will participate in IMEA District Festivals during the month of November.

“We are extremely pleased and proud of all 133 student musicians who participated in the IMEA District Audition Process this year” said Fine Arts Department Chairperson Glenn Williams. “We anticipate a wonderful rehearsal process and great sounding performances at the festivals in November.” For more information about South High music or about IMEA, please contact Fine Art Department Chairperson Glenn Williams at 630.795.8681.

Lauren Barounis - flute
Kevin Delbene - euphonium
Julie Fischer – alto saxophone
Kevin Larson - bassoon
Mark Medek - trumpet
Melissa Saternus - flute
Julie Sharp - horn
Ben Sorce - trombone
Justin Kono - percussion
David Luetger - percussion
Tim Strening – percussion

Chan Choi – Violin II
Ruth Easterling - Viola
Rahul Kamath - Viola
Emily Levine - Viola
Chris Mihelich - Viola
Kari Prada - Viola
Mike Salazar - Cello
Noel Sanchez – Violin II

Tom Brese – Bass II
Ryan Cashman – Tenor I
Amber Coffey – Alto I
Jeff Danziger – Tenor II
Cullen Deady – Bass I
Daniella Doll – Soprano II
John Irish – Bass II
Michelle Javier – Alto I
Torrie Manowsky – Alto I
Lucy Mejia – Soprano I
Cory Parkinson – Bass II
Casey Patton – Soprano I
Alexandra Petrakos – Alto I
Kate Pettit – Soprano II
Michelle Russell – Soprano II
Laura Saunders – Soprano II
Katlyn Schreck – Soprano II
Peter Uzarowicz – Tenor II
Alexander Vaughan – Tenor II
Brian Wickman – Tenor I
Jonathan Wiese – Bass II
Chris Worek – Bass II
Briana Zielinski – Soprano II

Darren Horvath – alto saxophone – Jazz Ensemble IV
Jeanne Knepper – trumpet – Jazz Ensemble I
Justin Kono – vibes – Jazz Ensemble I
Matt Kowalski – trombone – Jazz Ensemble IV
Mark Medek – trumpet – Jazz Ensemble II
Julie Sharp – trumpet – Jazz Ensemble I
Bryan Sitkawitz – bass trombone – Jazz Ensemble II
Ben Sorce – trombone – Jazz Ensemble I
Nate Van-Asselt – trumpet – Jazz Combo